A Funny Podcast for Curious Minds

Phase2Phase Podcast serves up top shelf information, sprinkled with low brow humor on a variety of true stories that impact history & spark curiosity. In a world where truth is stranger than fiction…why wouldn’t you want to know more?

From historical conspiracies to futuristic innovations, we dive into topics known and lesser known to share all the crazy details with you…and what a fun ride it is!

Buckle up and join us on an adventure down the rabbit hole of history, technology, biographies & current events. A Funny Podcast for Curious Minds…would you like to know more?



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From rants to out-takes, these smaller segments are filled with information & entertainment. 


Long Form

We research and deep dive into long form discussions on fascinating people and events throughout history…and history in the making.

Hot Button

Occasional, friendly ‘debates’ with special guests on hot button social topics. 


Would You Like To Know More?



Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, NFTs, Deepfakes…the future is here and filled with wondrous tech. With all this history in the making, let’s check out what is happening & what is on the way. 


People and events of the past, shape the society we’ve become. From MK-Ultra to the Moon Landing, from Tesla to Crowley and from CIA Projects to Secret Societies.  Let’s dive into where we have been.

Current Events

It’s been a crazy couple of years. We are witnessing history unfold before our eyes! If you are listening from the future, these topics are now in your past.  Every bit of history was once a current event.


Laughter is needed for the sanity of all humans discovering history, tech & current events! The strangest stories come from true stories and there’s no reason the discussions can’t be a fun journey!

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