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Phase2Phase Podcast serves up top shelf information mixed with low brow humor on a wide range of topics that will spark your curiosity and tickle your funny bone.


Join us on our journey down the rabbit hole of Technology, History & Current Events.



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These Smaller Segments are filled with Information & Entertainment


Long Form

We Research and Deep Dive into Long Form Discussions on Fascinating Topics

Hot Button

Occasional ‘Debates’ with Special Guests on Hot Button Social Topics


Would You Like To Know More?




The future is here and filled with wondrous tech. What is happening & what is on the way?  


People and events of the past, shape who we are today. Let’s dive into where we have been.

Current Events

Witnessing history unfold before our eyes, gives us a glimpse of where we are headed. 


Laughter is needed for the sanity of all humans discovering tech, history & current events!